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What it Takes to Become a Registered Nurse

Those who are looking into their future career should pay close attention to the wages earned in the field, and the work that must be done to earn that money. Registered nurse pay is something that interested individuals should work to understand, full well knowing that wages will change based on location and the type of nursing job that is picked up.

On average, registered nurses will make $62,000 per year. Some will see slightly lower wages, especially those who are new to the nursing field. These individuals will still make over $40,000 per year and may make $50,000 per year. There are others who will see high wages. These are generally individuals with strong experience records and at least one extra credential beyond their nursing degree. These individuals can make over $90,000 per year.

Some nurses in these general settings will be given more responsibilities. Some nurses will be able to administer medications and specific forms of treatment to the patient. Nurses may be expected to speak with patients to help them to better understand these treatment methods and the medication they will be taking. They must also inform patients on their medications and on any specific diet or exercise requirements or restrictions they may have. Some nurses are even expected to help patients with physical therapy, teaching them the moves they must make while at home to ensure a full recovery.

There are various types of nursing care that some individuals receive special certification and credentials for. This includes critical care nursing and emergency trauma nursing. Critical care nurses will work with individuals who must be monitored on a regular basis. Emergency nurses will work in hospitals and emergency centers to initially asses the status of the patient who has been brought into the emergency room.

Those who wish to take on even further education and more interesting jobs will work to become an advanced practice nurse. Advanced practice nurses will specialize in a certain field to become a nurse anesthetist or a nurse-midwife. These jobs are much more hands on than the average nursing position, hence the additional education requirement. These nurses will be expected to provide care to patients and will be expected to administer medications. Many are allowed to prescribe medication to their patients - this depends on the state that the individual practices in.

If you are looking to boost registered nurse pay you are going to want to look into advanced care. Advanced care services include midwifery and nurse anesthetist positions. Individuals who are interested in advanced care should know that they will need to get their masters degree and will need to specialize in this specific area. Advanced care nurses may be able to prescribe medicine, highlighting how much more serious the job position is (and how much more these nurses may make than others). Take the time to talk to nurses in all fields, including basic nurses and advanced practice nurses, to understand how much you may stand to make and what you must do to make what you want.

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