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Florida Nursing Schools Bsn: How To Get A Nursing Degree By Taking Online Nursing Courses

For the LPN or RN who wants to get a BSN in Nursing, there are several online nursing programs available. Although the programs do not encompass the entire curriculum, the additional work that is required for a degree in the field is offered. These programs are directed toward the student who has already received certification as an LPN or an Associates degree in nursing. For the LPN who desires to complete the coursework needed to be an RN, or the RN who wishes to receive her BSN while still working as a registered nurse, these courses are excellent.

Although there are no clinical studies involved in the online nursing programs, it is assumed that the student has already completed that course of study or is working in the field. These programs, offered through a number of distance learning universities include Phoenix University, Drexel University, DeVry University, and many more. The online degree programs allow the nurse who is already practicing in the field to obtain a BSN or for the registered nurse who already holds a BSN, to obtain a MSN. The higher degrees will allow her to excel more into the field and to open opportunities that do not exist for those who have no degree or only hold an undergraduate degree.

There are several different types of nursing programs that can be entered. There are the conventional programs like the Florida Nursing Schools Bsn Bachelors in Nursing (BSN) or Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). For those wanting to enter the nursing field more quickly, the licensed practical nurse (LPN) program is definitely worth considering. An LPN program is usually offered by a vocational, technical or community college. There are also online programs and programs offered by LPN schools that specialize in this type of training.

An LPN can be thought of as more of a generalist position, as it covers a wide range of general nursing duties. An LPN program will get you into the nursing field and earning money faster than any other type of program. It is a great place to start, and a good stepping stone to move on toward becoming a Registered Nurse (RN), which is more specialized and generally offers a higher salary.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program: This is one of the most important programs in the nursing industry. This constitutes 4 years of technical training, theory, and practical courses. A BSN degree is also known as a "Prelicensure BSN" program and is currently the most preferred of all top nursing programs in the world. Successful completion of this program will open a door of opportunities for you in the nursing job market and not to mention the fact that you can look forward to good career growth. The first 2 years in the BSN degree nursing program will focus mostly on general education and the final two to three years will focus on nursing courses.

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